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Advanced Refining Technologies

We sell hydroprocessing catalysts through Advanced Refining Technologies (ART), our joint venture with Chevron Products Company.

Chevron and Grace joined together in 2001 to form Advanced Refining Technologies (ART), with goals based on the values of our parents: technology expertise, world-class research and development, global manufacturing footprint, and a complete portfolio of hydroprocessing catalysts designed to meet the challenges of today’s refiners.

Starting from a strong base of resid hydrotreating catalysts for Chevron Lummus Global (CLG)-designed units, ART’s portfolio also initially included ebullating bed resid hydrocracking and distillate hydrotreating catalysts. Early in 2013 we fulfilled our vision of offering a complete portfolio of hydroprocessing catalysts when we signed an agreement with CLG giving ART the exclusive right to sell CLG's hydrocracking and lubes hydroprocessing catalysts to CLG's licensees and other petroleum refiners for unit refills. The agreement streamlines hydroprocessing catalyst supply and improves technical service for refining customers by establishing ART as the single point of contact for all their hydroprocessing catalyst needs.

ART Supplies a Comprehensive Line of Hydroprocessing Catalysts:

Distillate hydrotreating catalysts for:

  • Naphtha treating StART™: Silicon tolerance by ART for coker stocks
  • Jet and Diesel desulfurization SmART®: Sulfur minimization by ART to optimize H2 utlization
  • FCC pretreatment ApART™: Advanced pretreat by ART to maximize HDS and HDN for FCC economics

Resid hydroprocessing catalysts for:
  • Fixed bed Resid Desulfurization (RDS), Up Flow Reactor (UFR) and up flow Online Catalyst Replacement (OCR) systems
  • Ebullating Bed Resid Hydrocracking for LC-FINING® and other similar processes
Hydrocracking and hydrocracking pretreat catalysts for:
  • Max Diesel applications
  • Max Gasoline applications
  • Diesel/Kero applications
  • ISOCRACKING processes
Lube processing catalysts for:

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ICR® is a registered trademark of Chevron Intellectual Property LLC

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