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Grace Materials Technologies

We provide materials-based specialty products and formulations for diverse applications.

The Grace Materials Technologies business segment includes three main product lines:

Engineered Materials

Our Engineered Materials product line includes silica-based and silica-alumina-based materials, used in:

  • Industrial applications, such as rubber and tires, precision investment casting, refractory, insulating glass windows, and drying applications, fulfilling various functions such as reinforcement, high temperature binding and moisture scavenging;
  • Consumer applications, as a free-flow agent, carrier or processing aid in food and personal care products; as a toothpaste abrasive; and, for the processing and stabilization of edible oils and beverages; and,
  • Coatings and print media applications, consisting of functional additives that provide matting effects and corrosion protection for industrial coatings, enable enhanced media and paper quality in ink jet coatings, and act as a functional filler and retention aid in paper.

Darex Packaging

Our Darex Packaging product line includes:

  • Can and closure sealants used to seal and enhance the shelf life of can and bottle contents, and
  • Coatings for cans and closures that prevent metal corrosion, protect package contents from the influence of metal and ensure proper adhesion of sealing compounds and
  • Technologies designed to reduce off-taste effects and extend the shelf-life of packaged products.

Discovery Sciences

Our Discovery Sciences product line includes:

  • Silica-based separation media and complementary purification products including chromatography columns and consumables used in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, life science and related industries, silica excipients used in pharmaceutical formulations and CO2 adsorbents used in anesthesiology and mine safety applications, and
  • Instrumentation and reference standards used in the pharmaceutical, life science and related industries.

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