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SYLOID® FP Free-Flow Agents

In bulk or powdered food applications, maintaining a free-flowing powder during processing is critical in order to minimize down time and ensure product quality.

Free-flow describes the act of maintaining the powder velocity once it is moving. In this respect, Grace silicas acting as a free flow aids serve the following functions:

  • Prevent packing of particles and acts as a physical barrier when mass is moving
  • Coat and smoothe the edges of bulk powders reducing inter-particle friction
  • Adsorb excess moisture from the atmosphere before it can be absorbed by the bulk powder

Grace SYLOID® FP silica gels and precipitated silicas are of high purity, chemically inert, and very efficient in ensuring free flow, even for the most troublesome powdered food products.

Grace SYLOID® FP silicas comply with the latest US and EU regulations regarding material for food contact.

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