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PERKASIL® Reinforcing Fillers for Tires

Grace PERKASIL® silicas are well accepted reinforcing fillers in the tire industry.

Since the introduction of the “Green” tire concept in the nineties, the demand for silica reinforced tire treads has assumed enormous proportions. Application of PERKASIL® precipitated silicas in tire tread compounds reduces rolling resistance and improves dry/wet grip properties while maintaining acceptable tread wear characteristics.

In other areas of a tire, PERKASIL® silica improves the adhesion of steel cord to rubber in the steel belt layer.

In OTR tire tread formulations, PERKASIL® silica improves cut, chip, and chunk resistance.

Our PERKASIL® silicas are produced using a controlled manufacturing process which delivers the highest quality materials and provides our customers with

  • reliable performance
  • product consistency
  • technical innovations
Rubber Tire

PERKASIL® reinforcing agents are finely divided, highly porous, synthetic, amorphous precipitated silica SiO2 of high purity. They are non-toxic and do not cause fibrosis.

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