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Grace and Your Industry

We have thousands of customers in a number of industries and our products are used by millions of people each day.

Packaged Foods

We produce pure food grade silicas - synthetic amorphous silica gels that serve as cost-efficient, multifunctional additives forPackaged Foods food products. We manufacture them worldwide under carefully controlled production techniques to build specific properties such as porosity, surface area and controlled particle sizes into each grade. They are odorless and tasteless – unlike other silicas and free flow agents that contain high levels of soda, sulfate and alumina that can affect the flavor of certain foods.

Grace Davison provides sealants and protective coatings used by world-leading brand owners of packaged foods, including cans and glass jars. Grace Davison's technical expertise, global presence and regulatory compliance are the foundations of our leadership position. Our commitment to the industry keeps on expanding with the introduction of APPERTA™, a complete line of coatings for easy-open end cans.

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