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Grace History : 1900-1959

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1900 Grace opens offices in Argentina.
1907 Joseph P. GraceJoseph P. Grace becomes company president.
1914 Ship passing through Panama CanalGrace establishes the Grace National Bank, forerunner of Marine Midland Bank. Grace sends the first commercial vessel through the newly constructed Panama Canal.
1917 Santa RosaThe Santa Ana is christened as the first of the Grace Line passenger ships. She and sister ships, Santa Elisa, Santa Teresa, Santa Rosa and Santa Paula, all are drafted into war service to ferry troops for the next two years.
1919 Bradley Dewey and Charles Almy found Dewey & Almy Chemical Company in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
1922 Darex productsDewey & Almy develop first can sealants to replace lead solder.
1923 Davison Chemical Company begins selling silica gel.
1924 Davison introduces Raney® nickel catalysts for organic synthesis and organic chemical production.
1928 Panagra planeGrace and Pan American Airways jointly form Panagra, establishing the first air link between the Americas.
1930 Davison purchases Silica Gel Corporation and begins to find new uses for silica gel, including air drying, refrigeration and packaging desiccants.
1935 Dewey & Almy enters the cement business by creating a new class of cement processing additives called grinding aids. The advent of the beer can prompts Dewey & Almy's development of a new sealant that preserves purity and taste.
1939 Leopold Ruzicka and Adolph Butenandt use Raney nickel catalysts in synthesizing male sex hormones from cholesterol, winning the Nobel prize in chemistry for their discovery.
1941 Old containersResponding to the needs of a world at war, Dewey & Almy finds a synthetic substitute for natural rubber can and bottle sealants.
1942 Davison ships world's first synthetic fluid cracking catalysts for petroleum refining to the world's first commercial fluid cracking catalyst unit in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
1945 J. Peter GraceJ. Peter Grace becomes president of W. R. Grace & Co. at age 32.
1947 Davison establishes the industry's first technical services facility for fluid cracking catalysts.
1949 Davison introduced SYLOID® silica products. SYLOID® silicas are still the industry standard for matting agents for coatings.
1953 Stock certificateW. R. Grace & Co. lists on the New York Stock Exchange with ticker symbol GRA. Davison opens the Lake Charles, Louisiana plant for fluid cracking catalysts.
1954 Grace acquires Davison Chemical Company and Dewey & Almy Chemical Company, establishing the basis for the Company's catalysts, packaging, silicas and construction product lines. Cryovac® packaging operations spin off from Dewey & Almy. Grace opens offices in Brazil.
1956 Dewey & Almy introduces water-reducing and retarding concrete admixtures.
1957 Davison opens its first plant in Canada in Valleyfield, Quebec.
1958 Grace builds its Washington Research Center, the largest industrial chemicals research center in Maryland. Grace opens offices in New Zealand.
1959 Grace opens offices in Mexico.

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