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Food Applications

In the age of modern food products, our customers’ requirements for quality-enhancing additives are ever more important.

Therefore, Grace has developed products for specialized applications in the food and beverage industry.

They are used for:

  • Processing products for the food industry
  • Functional additives in certain food products

In particular, we offer solutions for-:

Free-Flow/Anti-Caking AgentFree-Flow/Anti-Caking: Grace silica and precipitated silicate products significantly improve the flowing and caking properties of products such as spices, tomato powder, seasonings, or flavours. Click here to learn more about Grace Free-Flow Agents and Anti-Caking Agents.
Beer and BeveragesBeverage Stabilization: To improve the stability of beer in order to ensure long-lasting quality, proteins need to be removed. This can be done effectively using Grace beer stabilizers. For clarification of wine, our colloidal silica products are the products of choice.
Food CarrierCarrier: Due to their large pores, silica gels are well-suited to pick up larger molecules such as fragrances or flavors and release them later in the process. Click here to learn more about the potentials of Grace silica as a carrier.
Grace TriSylEdible Oil Refining: To improve the taste and shelf life of edible oils, contaminants such as soaps, trace metals, and phospholipids need to be removed. This can be effectively achieved using Grace TriSyl® silica gel, ideally following the Grace TriClear process.