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Raney ® Nickel Catalysts

We are a world leader in the supply of skeletal hydrogenation and dehydrogenation products through our Raney® product line. Our expertise in the field of surface chemistry is second to none. Our base metal Raney® products provide unmatched performance in the synthesis of organic compounds for the fibers, pharmaceuticals, plastics, perfumes, soaps, color couplers and the petroleum industries.

Our Raney catalyst family is an efficient class of catalyst available for numerous organic processes including hydrogenations, ammonolysis, reductive alkylation, and dehydrogenations. They are available in both slurry and fixed bed form. They are usually made from nickel, cobalt, and copper base metals. Various promoter metals (molybdenum, chromium, iron, etc.) can be added to the base metals to affect selectivity and activity. With their high activity and selective characteristics, Raney catalysts can be an effective and economically attractive catalyst to increase process throughput while decreasing byproduct formation.